Whiten™ Science

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The Science of Whiten™
Why it works so well

Whiten™ Science
The patented 10-minute Whiten™ process employs a perfect combination of light, heat, and pressure. The luminator duplicates the exact LED light intensity used in professional treatments. The mouthpiece maintains a pressure that holds the specially-formulated whitening gel evenly across the surface of your teeth. Meanwhile, your natural body heat increases the oxidation process of the non-sensitive gel.

Whiten™ is ergonomically superior too. It’s lightweight, rechargeable, and you can even close your mouth during treatment without blocking the refracted LED light.

About our Gels:

Whiten™ uses a 22% Carbamide Peroxide gel for the whitening process. Carbamide Peroxide is clinically proven to be safe and effective, and is the preferred choice among dental professionals. We have specially formulated this gel so that it eliminates the sensitivity to the teeth and gums as reported from other teeth whiting systems. The gel is specifically formulated to work with the Whiten™ LED Luminator Light Unit to enhance the whitening of your teeth and to reduce the treatment time to 10 minutes.

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