How It Works

3 Easy Steps for Teeth Whitening at Home

Yes, It’s As Easy As It Looks

  1. Attach mouthpiece to luminator base.
  2. Apply gel evenly in upper and lower mouthpiece channel.
  3. Comfortably bite into the mouthpiece and press the light.

… Then go about your life hands free.

We recommend 3-5 treatments for the first week, depending on your individual situation. Then a regular touch-up as needed. Always make certain your luminator base is fully charged.

Why it Works:

During the teeth whitening process, the Whiten light (The Luminator) accelerates the breakdown of the active ingredient in the gel – Carbamide Peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide is light activated: The more intense the light, the better the oxidation process. As the Carbamide Peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water otherwise known as oxidation, it releases Hydroxyl Radicals. The Hydroxyl Radicals enter the tiny pores of the enamel, the cracks and crevices of the tooth to break up the stains. The gel also cleans and disinfects the gum line to help eliminate the bacteria that causes plaque, cavities and bad breath. Your teeth will feel like they have been professionally cleaned every time you use it. The powerful patented Whiten light helps accelerate the whitening process and that is why the treatment is only 10 minutes. The Whiten process is safe and the gels are designed so they do not cause sensitivity.

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