Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about our company and products. We invite you to submit further questions at any time.

How Does It Work?

During the teeth whitening process, the Whiten™ light accelerates the breakdown of the active ingredient in the gel (22% Carbamide Peroxide). As the Carbamide Peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water otherwise known as oxidation it releases Hydroxyl Radicals. The Hydroxyl Radicals enter the tiny pores of the enamel, the cracks and crevices of the tooth to break up the stains. The powerful Patented Whiten Luminator helps accelerate the process and that is why the treatment is only 10 minutes.

Is This Safe?

Yes, The Whiten™ Light, Whiten™ Mouthpiece and Whiten™ Gels are all made in the United States and have been safety tested in ISO certified laboratories.

Can I Use Whiten™ If I’m pregnant or nursing?

We recommend consulting your doctor before using any whitening product while pregnant or nursing.

How Do I Clean My Whiten™ Light and Whiten™ Mouthpiece?

Detach the Whiten™ Mouthpiece from the Whiten Light before rinsing with water or immersing in water. Rinse the Mouthpiece thoroughly under warm water or you can place in the top rack of your dishwasher.
Never immerse the Whiten Light in water or allow water to get inside the unit.

Can I Use Other Whitening Gels With The Whiten™ Light And Whiten™ Mouthpiece?

No, the Whiten Gels are specifically formulated to work with the Whiten™ Light and the Whiten Mouthpiece to provide optimal whitening. All gels are not created equal, other gels may not breakdown fast enough to have any effect and other gels may break down too quickly causing sensitivity and may even burn your lips or gums.

Should I Check With My Dentist First?

Yes. You should definitely check with your dentist before trying this or any teeth- whitening product to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. It would, however, be unusual to experience sensitivity from Whiten Gel.

What Is the Peroxide Content Of the Whiten™ Gel?

The active ingredient is 22% Carbamide Peroxide.

How Do I Store the Whiten™ Gels?

The gel should be stored in a dark space away from light. The gels can be placed in the refrigerator for longest shelf life; let gels warm to room temperature before using.

Will Teeth Whitening Work On Bonding Or Veneers?

The Whiten™ System will clean veneers or any bonding and restore them to their original color but it will not whiten them.

Is the Whiten™ Light Harmful To My Skin Or My Eyes?

The Whiten™ Light uses blue LED lights that contain no harmful UV rays and the light is focused directly on the teeth. However, you should never stare directly into the light.

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